Build it and it will work!

There are 2 steps to this superstructure process:

  1. Create a secondary partition1) or install a secondary drive
  2. download the superstructure ZIP file to give you an “instant framework”.

The first step is all up to you. But when you're done, please give it (the dreaded) Volume Letter of 'L' (For Linux!)2). I also suggest you format it using FAT32, not NTSF. That way you can open this volume using any other OS. Otherwise, you have to install Windows to recover this volume.

Once you've done that (made the new partition/volume), just unZIP '' into it. What you get should look like this…

|L Drive root structure

This will give you 47 directories and only 4 files. We'll get into those 4 files later.

Now What?

The next step is up to you. As it really isn't a single “next step”.

The Tools Page lists all the Windows ports for Linux tools I have been able to get work within my framework.

Just pick a tool, walk down the steps, and you should be ready to go!

But I would like to make a suggestion to you first off: Install Apache first thing, many of the tools are browser-based or web server support tools. You're going to need a running web server to test and work with them.

No, I don't have IIS in this framework.
Many of the tools will still work, as they are command line based, but I've not looked into getting the ones needing a web server to work with IIS. Nor will I.
Now, if someone would like to contribute an IIS section to this site, I'll more than welcome it.


1) I will leave that as an exercise for the reader!
2) You can give it any letter you like, but the predefined environmental variables all assume 'L'.
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